Our Mission

We educate our students to seek truth and fulfill their highest potential, to impart meaningful purpose to their lives, and to contribute courageously to the positive development of the world.


Pine Hill Waldorf School is a coeducational, non-denominational Waldorf school serving students from early childhood through grade 8.

We recognize and nurture the highest potential in each school community member. We serve our students’ ongoing discovery of the world and of themselves, and we guide them in developing their capacities to fully experience their unique life journey. We model excellence in Waldorf education, and aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. Our graduates are prepared to reach their unique individual goals and to contribute to a sustainable, generative, and peaceful future.

Educational Philosophy

Waldorf education is based on the pedagogical insights of Rudolf Steiner, his corresponding views of the stages of human development, and the ongoing research of the international Waldorf school movement. Working from the ideals of Waldorf education, our school highly values the uniqueness of each individual and his or her contribution to the positive development of society. Through our broad and rich curriculum, we support our students in reaching their fullest potential.

Core Values

List of 6 items.

  • Achieving academic excellence

    We are committed to providing our students with strong academic preparation as well as challenging, inspiring, and meaningful work; mastery through practice; and a balance of tradition and innovation.
  • Engendering healthy social life

    Our school recognizes and nurtures its diversity in all its forms. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment through open and considerate dialogue, the fostering of mutual trust, and the understanding and embracing of differences. Inherent in the school’s mission is the belief that, as articulated by Rudolf Steiner: “The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community, the strength of each one is living.” 
  • Evaluating progress

    To create self-directed, lifelong learners, our teachers work to cultivate a sense of wonder within each student. The goal is for motivation to arise from within. Working against this goal are competitive testing, academic placement, and external rewards; hence, PIne Hill turns to other means to evaluate and report on student progress.
  • Inspiring a love of learning

    We value imagination and creativity, learning through multiple intelligences, joy, freedom, respect, and self-direction. We are committed to offering a dynamic Waldorf curriculum based on Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogical insights, to guiding students towards mastery of fundamental academic and artistic subjects, and to inspiring creativity and a genuine lifelong love of learning.
  • Integrating arts and academics

    We value each student’s artistic development as a fundamental element of a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Our artistic education – performance arts, music, movement, fine arts, and practical arts – is woven into our educational experience so as to enhance our students’ physical and emotional well-being, their intellectual capacities and performance, and their moral and spiritual development.
  • Understanding our connection to our social and natural environment

    We are committed to social justice and environmental sustainability, to cultivating beauty and harmony in all aspects of our environment--physical, relational, local, and global. We cultivate reverence for nature through our practice of environmental awareness and stewardship.
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