Screen Free Week

We Support National Screen Free Week!

National Screen Free Week will be held April 29-May 5, 2019. As a Waldorf school, we are proud supporters and endorsers of screen free activities, all year long! Join us in turning off televisions, computers, videos, tablets and cells, and tuning in to the world around us.

In Waldorf schools, the human voice and human speech are cultivated through recitation and storytelling; imaginative play is a pillar of the work at school from early childhood on, transformed into drama through twelfth grade; and current brain research indicates that the curriculum in a Waldorf school supports development of the whole mind through play, the arts, and rigorous academics.

Ideas for Screen Free Activities

Need some fresh ideas for screen-free activities? Check out's idea page.

Send your idea to us and we will feature some on our page throughout April and May!

NH Screen Free Ideas

List of 6 items.

  • Playing cards or a board game

  • Find the first tree to have leaf buds

  • Going to a local theater performance

  • Hunt for spring shoots like daffodils and crocus

  • Family Dinner Conversation -- "Rose" and "Thorn" of the day

  • Look for signs of peepers. When will they arrive?

Peek into Pine Hill:

    • German, Gr 1

    • Play, Gr 3-4

    • Handwork, Gr 4

    • Monarch Butterflies, Gr 5

    • Science in Nature, Gr 8

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