Tuition and Financial Support


The school plans its programs and expenses—a significant part of which is associated with faculty salaries—on the basis of the number of students who have expressed their wish to attend by re-enrolling or applying to the school. The school understands and respects that families may withdraw their student from school for a variety of reasons yet must also ensure that withdrawals do not interfere in its programs and staffing plans.

To this end, our withdrawal policy aims to take both the families’ and the school’s interest into consideration. Families are responsible for payment of a minimum of 25% of the published tuition, which corresponds to the first three monthly payments.

We use an Open Withdrawal policy. Withdrawals are not subject to penalties. Automatic debits from your account will be discontinued beginning the month following the date of the receipt of your written withdrawal request. If tuition is prepaid in full, the prorated tuition amount will be reimbursed. All tuition and fees paid prior to withdrawal will be retained.