Planned Giving

A planned gift to Pine Hill Waldorf School is a wonderful way to make a difference in the lives of children. There can be many tax advantages depending on the kind of gift you establish and many ways to give that offer benefit to the donor during their lifetime.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving allows you to help secure the financial future of this fine institution that you love. While the primary purpose of this type of gift is to support Pine Hill Waldorf School, its secondary purpose may be the financial benefits to you and your family. A planned gift means that Pine Hill Waldorf School will receive the gift at some time in the future, often after the donor has received lifetime income from the plan.

How Does Your Gift Help?

Planned gifts help to ensure that Pine Hill Waldorf School can continue to achieve its mission well into the future. Your planned gift can extend the support you give Pine Hill Waldorf School beyond your lifetime and help to build the school’s endowment.

The endowment is an indicator of Pine Hill’s financial stability and highly symbolic of the loyalty of the school community and its supporters. Money placed in the endowment is there “forever,” with a set percentage of the interest from the endowment being used each year to benefit the school. Endowment funds are invested with only a portion of the interest spent, thus providing an income source that is never depleted. Gifts to the endowment can be made at any time. Income from the endowment, which contributes significantly to the school’s annual operating budget, helps Pine Hill continue to thrive. These resources will provide scholarship funds to allow a Pine Hill education to remain accessible to all who want it. We will also be able to continue increasing faculty salary and retirement benefits to support and nurture our highly skilled and talented teachers. We want to guarantee that we continue to attract this premier level faculty to our school. These benefits are for both current and future students.

PLanned Giving Options

There are a variety of opportunities to make a charitable gift to Pine Hill Waldorf School.

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  • Bequest

    The simplest form of planned giving is through a bequest in your will. Bequests are exempt from estate taxation and allow for a much larger gift to be made than might be possible during your lifetime. A bequest can be property, a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after other recipients are named. Bequests can be made when creating a new will or adding to an existing will.
  • Charitable lead trusts

    CLT’s are trust agreements established by you to provide a future gift to a beneficiary at a predetermined time. You place the assets in a trust for a specified period of time. Earnings go to Pine Hill Waldorf School during the life of the trust. The principal goes to your beneficiaries when the trust terminates. Each trust has its own requirements and offers unique financial and tax advantages.
  • Charitable remainder trusts

    CRT’s are trust arrangements established by you to provide lifetime income to you or a beneficiary with Pine Hill Waldorf School as the final trust beneficiary. Due to their significant tax advantages, the IRS regulates CRT’s. You may set up a charitable remainder Unitrust or Annuity trust. Each trust has its own requirements and offers unique financial and tax advantages.
  • Other Options

    Other options include life income trusts and gifts of life insurance and retirement plan benefits.


  • Immediate charitable deduction
  • Increased income for donor
  • Avoidance of referral capital gain
  • Reduced estate for calculation
  • Professional management of assets

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