Tuition and Financial Support
One of our school's founding tenets is that no student should be prevented from attending High Mowing School because of financial concerns. To make HMS education accessible to as many students as possible, we offer many high school  scholarship opportunities as well as a generous need-based financial aid program.

To explore your options, contact our admissions office today.

$2.7M in Tuition Aid Each Year

  • $2.7M financial aid granted 
  • Over 60% of HMS students received financial aid

Affordability - Our Aim

High Mowing’s tuition levels compare favorably with other independent schools in New England. Yet for many families, the cost of a private education can seem daunting. High Mowing School has a long-standing tradition of generosity initiated by its founder and perpetuated by donations from current parents, alumni, and friends of the school. Socio-economic diversity is a long-time value of our school, illustrated by our average tuition levels.
To find out your level of affordability, simply apply to High Mowing (it’s free), and visit our Financial Aid page and submit an application to School and Students Services (SSS). (Please note that there is a $49 application fee to use this third party service).

All-Inclusive Tuition

Our tuition is inclusive and covers the cost of academic instruction, classroom supplies, field trips and activities, meals for early childhood and high school students, residence for boarding students, and laboratory fees.

How to Pay and Withdrawal Policy

List of 2 items.

Average Paid Tuition

List of 4 items.

  • High School Boarding

  • High School Day

  • Grades 1-8

  • Kindergarten

Many families are able to contribute the full amount of published tuition, and many families contribute much less than the average: we are proud of our socio-economic diversity, and proud to work with each individual family to reach a tuition amount they can dedicate to the education of their children.

2019-20 Published Tuition

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  • Half-Day Transitional Mixed-Age Preschool & Kindergarten

    • 2-day $3,450
    • 3-day $4,950
    • 5-day $7,950
  • Full Day Mixed-Age Preschool & Kindergarten

    • 2-day $5,250
    • 3-day $7,950
    • 5-day $12,350
    Extended Day (3:15-5:30 pm) available at additional cost; varies by use.
  • Elementary and Middle School (Grades 1-8)

    Extended Day (3:15-5:30 pm) available at additional cost; varies by use.
  • Middle School Homestay (Grades 5-8)

    Includes tuition, home-based housing, all meals, and all school activities. Extended Day (3:10-5:30 pm) available at additional cost; varies by use.
  • High School, Boarding and Day (Grades 9-12)

    $35,400 -- Day Student
    $55,200 -- Boarding Student
    Visit the Admissions section of the High Mowing School website for details about high school tuition.
  • High School, East-West Boarding



Please contact the Lower School Admissions Director, Sabrina Morrissey.

        (603) 654-6003 x309

Payment plans

    We offer two payment plans:
  • One single payment due by June 1a 2% discount applies
  • A 12-month plan with payments from June through May.

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