Tuition and Financial Support
Through our financial aid program, we strive to ensure that the acceptance of a student into our school does not solely depend on the financial resources of the family. If a family is unable to meet our tuition levels, the family is invited to complete a financial aid application. Our financial aid program embodies the school's commitment to enter into a relationship with members of our community.

$3.8M Financial Aid Granted Each Year

How to apply for financial aid

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  • Step 1 | Indicate Interest

    Indicate to our Admissions Office, via the online application, that you are interested in applying for financial aid.
  • Step 2 | Submit Forms

    Submit all required financial aid forms to SSS (School and Student Services for Financial Aid) by February 1 for priority consideration. NOTE: A $51 fee is required to complete your SSS application.
  • Step 3 | Receive Award

    Financial aid awards are sent, with admission decision, to admitted families only.
  • Step 4 | Accept Award

    Accept financial aid award. Deadline for acceptance is two weeks after receipt of financial aid decision, unless otherwise noted.

How it works

​HMS uses the services of SSS (School and Student Services) recommended by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). All parents−including unmarried, divorced or separated, or stepparents−must submit all of the required financial aid application documents to be considered for a financial aid grant.

HMS uses the Report of Financial Contribution (RFC) as a guide to making a grant determination. If the RFC determines that a family needs more financial aid than High Mowing is able to grant, we offer the most generous aid possible and ask the family to explore additional options. Our business office can offer suggestions for payment plans and loans.

All offers of financial aid are awarded on an annual basis. Application must be made each year and the offer is calculated using the most recent financial data. The student must remain in good social and academic standing. Parents must be up-to-date with their school account to be considered for financial aid in a subsequent year.

Review our Financial Aid FAQ for more information.


Please contact Admissions Director, Sabrina Morrissey.

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