Pine Hill at High Mowing School provides early childhood and elementary education following teaching methods proven in hundreds of Waldorf schools around the world for over 90 years.

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Stages of Development

Education at Pine Hill Waldorf School flows with the child’s stages of development:

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  • Early Childhood | Imitation

    Up to age seven, children learn to stand, talk, and think without formal instruction, but through imitation. Young children mimic everything in their environment, from the sounds and gestures of people to the attitudes and values of parents and peers. Our early childhood program provides an environment worthy of imitation, with daily and seasonal activities delivered in a natural environment infused with beauty and kindness.
  • Grade School | Imagination

    Around age seven, children develop a readiness for more formal learning. As they gain aptitude for sequential and logical thought, their most vital asset remains the ability to be fully at home in the pictorial world of imagination. Relationships are central, too. Our students in grades one through eight experience – rather than being told about – confidence, conflicts and their resolution, and respect for the world and all its creatures within an enduring relationship with their classmates and teacher.
  • High school | truth, determination, and judgment

    Pine Hill Waldorf School is fortunate to be closely associated with the HIgh Mowing School, which many of our grade eight families choose for their student's high school years.

    Around age 14, the child’s intellect wakes up, as do abilities to think abstractly. These qualities manifest as a search for truth, a valuable idealism, and a vulnerable sensitivity. Adolescents thrive when they have worthy moral qualities to emulate and an expanded overview of the world where they will create their future. Through years of daily artistic expression and an academically challenging curriculum, Waldorf education culminates in the high school grades with a conscious awakening of all the human capacities.

Early Childhood through Grade 12

We are pleased to announce the merger of Pine Hill Waldorf School and High Mowing School, the Waldorf boarding and day high school across the road from us on Abbot Hill in our town of Wilton, New Hampshire, USA. Learn more about High Mowing School.
High Mowing School is a private school located in beautiful southern New Hampshire on 300 acres of fields and forests. Nature becomes a classroom. Visit us to experience our educational offerings and learn more about Waldorf education. Bus routes are available along route 101. HMS holds accreditations from NEASC and AWSNA.

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