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Carmen DiPietrantonio (2006 to present) – German

Carmen grew up in Germany. She studied Business, Communications and Psychology at Bay State College in Boston and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts while working in International Business. In 2005 she received a degree in Elementary Waldorf Education from Antioch University New England. Her daughter graduated from Pine Hill.

Karen Guitman (2008 to present) – Eurythmy

Karen grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada. She received her Honors B.A. degree in Drama in Education and her B.Ed. degree from the University of Windsor. Karen taught public school in Canada for six years before deciding to pursue Waldorf teacher training and homeschooling her children. Karen attended the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California where she graduated from the four-year Eurythmy training program. She has four children, the youngest currently attending Pine Hill.

Julianna Lichatz (2014 to present) – Movement Education and Third Grade Morning Lesson

Julianna studied Human Ecology and received her Maine State Teaching Certification from the College of the Atlantic. She completed her M.A. in Education with Waldorf Certification through Antioch University and has Spacial Dynamics and Bothmer Gymnastics Certification. Julianna has held positions as Movement and Class teachers at four different Waldorf schools, where she has developed circus programs, movement curriculums, aftercare programs, coached basketball and running teams, led nature study, and served on many committees. She also has taught and coached gymnastics for more than thirty years. Julianna’s interests include outdoor adventures, sports, dance, languages, gardening, cooking, herbal medicine, arts and handicrafts.

Rochelle Mink (2016 to present) – Handwork

Originally from Napa, California, Rochelle grew up on a farm, and from a very young age, she was drawn to practical arts. As an adult, she has pursued the arts of spinning, felting, natural dyeing, and weaving. Beginning in 1998, Rochelle worked alongside a dedicated group of parents to found Stone Bridge School, the public Waldorf school in Napa, CA. She began teaching Handwork at SBS in 2001, and also assisted then-After Care Director Bruce Darby. She completed her Subject Teacher coursework in Handwork at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Rochelle taught Handwork Grades 1-8 through the 2014-2015 school year, at which time she took a year-long sabbatical before relocating in Wilton, NH.