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Carmen DiPietrantonio (2006 to present) – German

Carmen grew up in Germany. She studied Business, Communications and Psychology at Bay State College in Boston and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts while working in International Business. In 2005 she received a degree in Elementary Waldorf Education from Antioch University New England. Her daughter attends Pine Hill.

Alex Frongillo (1998 to present) – Manual Arts, Math Track for Middle School

Alex was born and raised in Boston. He attended public school in Boston and went on to get his degree at the University of Massachusetts where he met his future wife, Cynthea. He did his Waldorf training at the Waldorf Institute in Detroit and Emerson College in England. He was a class teacher at Perry Court in Canterbury and the Honolulu Waldorf School before coming to Pine Hill. Alex took two classes at Pine Hill from middle school through graduation before he became the Manual Arts and Middle School Math teacher. His daughter is a Waldorf graduate.

Glynn Graham (1978 to 1982 and 1988 to present) – Handwork

Glynn grew up in South Africa and graduated from Cape Town University with a degree in Psychology. She graduated from the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Adelphi, Garden City with an M.Ed. and a Waldorf Certificate. Glynn took a class at Pine Hill from grade 1 through 4 and returned as the handwork teacher in 1988. Her children graduated from Pine Hill and High Mowing School.

Karen Guitman (2008 to present) – Eurythmy

Karen grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada. She received her Honors B.A. degree in Drama in Education and her B. Ed. degree from the University of Windsor. Karen taught public school in Canada for six years before deciding to pursue Waldorf teacher training and homeschool her three children. Karen attended the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California where she graduated from the four-year Eurythmy training program. She has four children, two of whom attend Pine Hill and two of whom who attend High Mowing School.

Lorey Johnson (1979 to present) – French

Lorey grew up in Milford, New Hampshire. She studied French at the University of New Hampshire, receiving a BA and then furthering her studies in another year abroad. She worked in bilingual education in the public schools for three years before arriving at Pine Hill, where she has remained as French teacher. For several years, Lorey has worked in adult education, including at The Center for Anthroposophy, and mentors foreign language teachers from Waldorf schools across the continent. Each summer Lorey leads tours in France, enabling her to regularly renew her enthusiasm for the French language and culture. Lorey has two children who graduated from Pine Hill and High Mowing School.