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Christian Science Monitor- Why Children Need to Learn to Play

David Elkind, Tufts University professor and well-known author, talks about his newest book, "The Power of Play," and why it is dangerous that the "concept of 'unstructured, self-initiated play' is vanishing from our culture."   July 18, 2007

The Serious Need for Play

Waldorf early childhood programs are centered on the premise that young children learn best through play, and in the January 28, 2009 issue of Scientific American, free, unstructured, imaginative play is shown to be vital in the early lives of children. In "A Serious Need for Play" the author describes how and why:

Harvard Education Letter - Kids Haven’t Changed; Kindergarten Has

A national study conducted by the Gessell Institute for Human Development, named after Arnold Gesell who is known world-wide for his popular parenting series, questions recent thoughts about kindergarten students benefitting from a structured academic program. September/October, 2010 (Vol 26, No. 5).