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Parent Participation

Parent involvement is vital to the success of Pine Hill Waldorf School. Our teachers strive to meet each individual child’s needs while nurturing the social capacities of the class as a whole. It is significant that our teachers’ work is supported by a community of parents — each with their individual backgrounds, life experiences and goals—who share a common commitment to this child-centered education for their children. Parents, teachers and children working together provide a system of support which nurtures our children, families and community.

Every parent here contributes to the life at Pine Hill just by virtue of enrolling their children in the school and becoming a part of the community in that way. Parents attend class meetings, participate in parent conferences and support teachers by providing a home environment that prepares their children to learn in the classroom. Other support includes making a time for homework, encouraging instrument practice, and attending school events. These basic ways of being involved in the life of Pine Hill provide the critical foundation that the school community rests on.

Many parents are able to contribute to the life of the school in other ways: through classroom support, school governance, committee work, special events participation, fundraising, etc. Participation in these various activities may vary over time, but nearly every parent can contribute in some way to the school.