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Pine Hill Waldorf School

Our mission: Educating through love to awaken the creative, social and academic capacities within each child.

Pine Hill Waldorf School is part of a rapidly growing international community of schools. We share our methods and beliefs with more than 250 schools in North America and almost 900 schools in 83 countries around the world. But every Waldorf School is unique. At Pine Hill, we draw our character and our vitality from our setting in the heart of rural southern New Hampshire, surrounded by mountains, ponds, forests and farmland. Our children are embraced by the distinctive architecture of our school, and our hilltop is spacious and alive with natural beauty.

In support of a rich, academic experience, Waldorf pedagogy is designed to address the emotional, aesthetic and social needs of the whole child.  It stimulates the mind with a full spectrum of academic subjects; it nurtures the emotions through the arts and conveys knowledge experientially; and it works with the hands every day, in handwork and crafts, science and math, music, and the arts. Waldorf schools are committed to excellence and offer students a rigorous classical education for the most demanding of colleges.

Although our students and parent body come from varied cultural and economic backgrounds, we learn to know, respect, and value one another through the closeness of our community and our shared commitment to education. These relationships are invaluable to our students, helping them to develop a strong sense of themselves and an awareness of others.

The benefits of Waldorf education — both to the individual and to society — are becoming well-known, thanks to the work of many educators and authors, as well as alumni and parents. We invite you now to learn more about Waldorf education and Pine Hill.