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Pine Hill’s nursery program offers the warmth and security of our unhurried Waldorf classroom for children in their first school experience. Here, children’s unique capacities unfold at their own pace. Children who are at least 2.75 years old in September up to age 4 (and self-toileting) are invited to apply.
Our nursery mornings meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. This “mini-school week” offers consistency for children and helps them settle into a rhythm without disruption.
A Day in our Nursery: 
  • Routine - A predictable rhythm to the morning, with sensory cues from songs and activities allows children to feel confident knowing what to expect in their day.
  • Play - Ample opportunities for play nurtures imagination and cultivates a sense of wonder. Physical activities keep young bodies moving, whether jumping, climbing or enjoying walks on our beautiful trails.
  • Hearty Snack - Mid-morning meal is a time for social gathering and healthy eating.  Nursery students sit around a table and enjoy a delicious meal with ingredients from our neighboring biodynamic farm. The snack follows a “grain of the day” pattern and may include vegetable soup and bread buns, rice and lentils or oatmeal, granola and yogurt.  All diets are accommodated so everyone can partake.
  • Real-Life Learning - Activities in the nursery are inspired by life and include helping to prepare the morning meal by peeling vegetables or kneading bread dough, polishing wooden toys or folding silk play cloths. Children engage in these tasks with purpose and feel pride in their abilities.
  • Connection with Nature - Circle time and stories, often using simple puppets,  explore the changes in seasons through songs, verses, movements and fingerplays.  A nature table in the classroom becomes a treasure trove of found objects and sprigs of plants from each season.
“After looking at many pre-school programs and feeling unimpressed, it was a relief to walk into a Waldorf nursery and know that my child would be respected and nurtured.  It was also a relief to see he wasn’t overloaded with sensory stimulation in his first school experience.”  -Heather, 3rd grade, Kindergarten and Nursery parent