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A Child's Nature Daycare on Pine Hill's campus

Pine Hill Waldorf School and A Child’s Nature (formerly the Pine Hill Child Care Center located in Peterborough) collaborate to provide childcare and educational services to families with children six weeks old through Grade 8. The two organizations are both serving families at the Pine Hill Waldorf School campus in Wilton. After seven successful years serving families of the Monadnock region with childcare services inspired by Rudolf Steiner and the principles of Waldorf education, the former Pine Hill Child Care Center in Peterborough was ready to branch out on its own. In 2013, A Child’s Nature was incorporated.

Enrollment inquiries may be directed as follows:

Full-day childcare for children 6-weeks through 5 years old: Contact Allison Connor, Director of A Child’s Nature at (603) 654-2662.

Waldorf education for mixed-age kindergarten through grade 8: Contact the admissions office at Pine Hill Waldorf School, at (603) 654-6003.

About Pine Hill Waldorf School

Pine Hill Waldorf School is dedicated to teaching from our knowledge of child development based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and the principles of Anthroposophy. We help to inspire and cultivate these qualities in each of our students:

  • A creative and curious mind

  • A warm heart and strong sense of morality

  • A love for meaningful work

  • A deep commitment to the tending of all living things

  • A sense of joy for the evolving human spirit.

As part of a growing international network of Waldorf Schools, we are committed to protecting the innocence and integrity of childhood by serving school-aged children through grade 8.

About A Child’s Nature

A Child's Nature provides flexible, full-day child care and education for families of diverse backgrounds. Surrounded by goodness, truth and beauty, our children achieve their full potential through daily outdoor adventures, purposeful work, artistic experiences and imaginative play with a curriculum inspired by Waldorf education. Through close personal relationships with caregivers, teachers and nature, our children grow into capable, caring individuals who can step out into the wider world with confidence.


Pine Hill Waldorf School and A Child’s Nature are now both situated on historic Abbot Hill, south of Wilton town center. Abbot Hill is also home to High Mowing School (Waldorf high school), the Temple-Wilton Community Farm, the Hilltop Café, the Antioch New England Waldorf Teacher training, and the Center for Anthroposophy’s adult renewal courses. Together, these non-profit organizations are surrounded by hundreds of acres of conservation land, hiking trails, and agricultural open space which form the backdrop for learning and working as a community.

Allison Connor, Director

A Child’s Nature
(603) 654-2662
Nancy Wilson