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Rose Ceremony

watercolor roseThe End-Of-Year Rose Ceremony is a special time in which the entire school celebrates and honors the 8th grade as they move towards high school.

The ceremony will begin at 8:30 am.  Following the ceremony all grades will return to their classrooms for dismissal at 10:30am.  

Special Dress Required 

The End-Of-Year Rose Ceremony is a special occasion, so assembly dress is required of all students.  Girls may wear dresses or modest blouses with dress pants.  Dresses and skirts must be knee-length or longer.  Please no short skirts.  High heels (no more than 2 inches) are not permitted until 6th grade.  Boys may wear pants but no jeans of any kind with button down shirts tucked in.

Special Seating 

Seats will be reserved on the first floor for 8th grade parents and families only, along with the students of the school.  Additional seats will be reserved for both 1st and 8th grade parents and families in the first two rows of the balcony.  Only adults may sit in the first row of the balcony!  Parents of children in other grades are welcome to sit in the balcony in unreserved rows.

Group and Individual Photos 

Immediately following the ceremony a group photograph will be taken of the 1st and 8th grade children.  Following the group photo there will be an opportunity for parents to take pictures before the children return to their classrooms for dismissal.

Families will be able to order a copy of the group photo afterwards, by following the instructions after logging into the Parent Corner on Pine Hill's website.  Contact the office if you need help. 603-654-6003 ext. 0.

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 8:30am