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Inanna Storytelling

Inanna, Queen of Heaven and EarthFarrah Deselle is offering the story of Inanna to all women in our community on June 4 from 7-9 pm at the Children's Village.  All money from this event will go to the operating budget for this year.  Come hear the story and your goodwill offering will double as an Annual Giving donation for the current 2012-13 school year.

Do you know the story of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth?  If you seek to discover purpose and meaning and hunger to know the wisdom of your sorrow and your joy, come experience the story of Inanna's Descent. There are facets of the human experience that we all share and patterns and cycles of life that are the same now as they were 4000 years ago when these stories were first written on clay tablets.  Hear Inanna's story, discover you in it, and begin to unfold the answers to your heart's deepest questions.  Ladies only, please.