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Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble Performance

At midsummer in New Hampshire, do we not all long for a whiff of a cooler season and a different time? So - midwinter at the court of King Arthur. Eurythmy Spring Valley will take you on  a journey back in time with a tale that draws us into the rich pageantry of the  Arthurian  legends. There’s celebration at Camelot when in rides a noble lady and tells of her woes  with the giant of the northern waste who challenges Arthur to fight. And so Lady  adventure visits and Arthur must ride forth. 

Soon his life and honor are forfeited to a most loathly  lady, and none of his gallant knights seem to be able to help him. Among other pieces  surrounding the tale will be music by Brahms, Ligeti, Schostakovitch and a Verse by Rudolf Steiner. 

Wednesday,  July 3, 2013  at 7:30 p.m. 
Pine Hill Waldorf 
School Auditorium 
77 Pine Hill Road 
Wilton, NH
Adults: $12 
Children (9 and older): $6
Tickets/Information: 603 654 2566 
Tickets also available at the door.