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Strong Vision Helps Pine Hill Waldorf School Persevere and Lead

This Rudolf Steiner Foundation article shares how the origins of Pine Hill and RSf were intertwined. Read about the new Children's Village at Pine Hill, which continues a tradition of mutual support within Pine Hill's local and national Waldorf community.

Pine Hill Waldorf School Student Shares Science Project on WMUR

Pine Hill 8th grader Jack Miron got an exciting start to his science project this year. Jack and his weather balloon made the local news, with this feature on WMUR.  Jack will share his project with the school community at our upcoming science fair on November 19 and 20.

Hilltop Circus featured on TV

WMUR's NH Chronicle interviewed teacher Jackie Davis and Pine Hill middle school students about the Hilltop Circus in March 2012. Take a look at the video here!

RSF Social Finance Makes a Loan to Pine Hill Waldorf School

Thank you, Rudolf Steiner Foundation!  We are honored to share our past and future with you. Read this article from RSF about the work that RSF is funding in the Children's Village.

Waldorf School: Keeping education and technology in perspective

The Monadnock-Ledger Transcript recently visited Pine Hill for a day and experienced what happens during a typical day in a Waldorf school. Take a look at the article "Sensory Delight" now.

Waldorf education in the national news and in your own backyard

At a time when many schools are reducing staff in order to spend increasing amounts of their budgets on technology, national news coverage has turned to the radically low-tech approach of Waldorf schools.