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middle school recorders




Music is a vital part of each child's life at Pine Hill.  In all grades each class spends some time each morning playing recorder and/or singing with the class teacher.  The simple melodies of the early years progress to rounds and songs and recorder pieces with two or more parts, and regularly scheduled singing lessons included in the day.  

First and Second Grade students sing throughout the day, in Main Lesson and language lessons.  Songs are used for transitions from work to play, to prepare for lunch and painting.  The children play the pentatonic recorder, beginning slowly with finger exercises and very simple tunes, frequently playing the melodies of songs they already have learned.

Third Grade graduates to the diatonic (or ordinary) recorder, and sings and plays rounds and two part pieces as a part of their morning music making.  They have a formal singing lesson once each week.  

In Fourth Grade, the class is introduced to written music and the basics of music theory in a separate music lesson in the classroom,  and joins the Fifth Grade in Pine Hill's Junior Chorus.

Fifth Grade’s recorder music branches out from the unison soprano, duets and trios, to the experience of the full range of the instrument -- soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  the students will continue to work on recorder music drawn from the folk, baroque and classical tradition throughout the rest of their years at Pine Hill.  

In grades Six, Seven and Eight, all students join the Pine Hill Chorus, which will meet twice each week this year to work on a wide variety of choral music genres.

While we do not offer instrumental instruction during the school day, we are happy to offer the school’s space after hours for the use of private teachers, for individuals or groups.  Please contact Cynthea Frongillo, at if you wish to arrange such lessons, noting your child's instrument and preferred teacher.