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Movement and circus arts

Circus Arts

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Play and Sport

What are the differences between play and sport? Read this comparison and learn more.

"Children should learn to play with each other before they learn to compete against each other."  — Jaimen McMillan, Movement Educator

Safe and Harmonious Playground

At Pine Hill, physical safety plus emotional safety plus creative game strategy equals harmony. Learn more about our rules and procedures for supporting a safe and harmonious playground.



At Pine Hill, movement forms a healthy foundation for learning beginning in the early childhood program where the children climb, pull, balance, imagine, construct, spin, crawl, jump, roll, and swing during their everyday play. All students partake in a spectrum of movements during circle time in the daily main lesson including hand clapping games, rope jumping, challenging footwork, throwing and catching, circle dancing, and “zoo animal” exercises on the mats.

Then within our formal movement curriculum (a.k.a. physical education), movement classes are offered twice weekly, starting in the second grade, to help the child develop spatial awareness, strength and coordination, healthy social interaction, and a lifelong sense of the joy of movement. Early grades experience circle games, rhythmic activities, and imaginative play. Tumbling, rope jumping, and folk dancing are introduced and developed through the grades, along with numerous ball games and activities.

A highlight of the fifth grade movement curriculum is the Greek Olympiad, in which students train and compete with other Waldorf schools in running, long jump, wrestling, javelin, and discus. In fifth grade, basketball (as an extracurricular activity) is also introduced. In sixth grade, archery is introduced. The movement curriculum culminates in seventh and eighth grade with the annual Hilltop Circus. Middle school students also learn volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Circus arts

The Develpmental Circus Arts Program is built into the movement curriculum starting with grade 5, providing an opportunity for each student to learn unique skills in a collaborative, non-competitive environment, and culminating in a very popular public performance by 7th and 8th graders.