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Laying the groundwork for elementary school

Kindergarten at Pine Hill nurtures children’s curiosity, creativity and confidence. Whether building intricate forts, preparing vegetables for snack or learning to weave, children engage deeply in their activities—and it sets the foundation for formal academics in the grades. 

Pine Hill's kindergarten serves children from age 4.5 to 6. We'd love for your child to join us! We offer half-day and full-day options. Contact us for details.

A Day in the Kindergarten

  • Routine - The rhythm of our kindergarten day balances children’s need for creative, energetic free play with thoughtful, engaging group activities. The routine stays the same each day with minor variations for each day of the week.
  • Movement - Children enjoy plenty of physical movement such as climbing, building, jump roping and nature walks that cultivate a sense of wonder.
  • Real-life Learning - Daily activities engage students in cooking, sewing, woodworking, painting, drawing, gardening and more.
  • Connecting with Nature - Circle times and stories explore the changes in seasons through songs, verses, movements and fingerplays. A nature table in the classroom becomes a treasure trove of found objects and sprigs of plants each season.
  • Sharing Meals - Gathering for snack is a favorite aspect of the kindergarten day. Around 9 a.m. a “nibble” of a simple snack like carrots, apples or cheese keeps everyone fueled. Our mid-morning meal involves children in the preparation from chopping vegetables or kneading dough to serving one another at the table. Our hearty, healthy snack features a “grain of the day” pattern and may include: millet and lentils, vegetable soup with bread, oatmeal, or granola and yogurt. Special diets are always accommodated so everyone equally partakes.
  • Our Farm Family - Children in the kindergarten love weekly visits to our neighboring, biodynamic community farm. They get to know the farmers, learn the behaviors of the animals and see firsthand where the vegetables and milk for their snacks come from.
  • Quiet Moments - During the afternoon, children share a peaceful time of rest with their own cozy blankets, pillows and woolen mat. Some will quietly engage in finger knitting or work with beeswax, while others may doze off or rest. This down time allows the children to regroup after a full morning and prepare for outdoor play in the afternoon.

Kindergarten AfterCare

Children enrolled in Kindergarten will be able to attend AfterCare in the Children's Village. The cost is $16 per afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and $30 for Thursday when school dismisss at 1:00pm. To register, please complete the Kindergarten AfterCare Registration Form.