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Early Childhood » Multi-Age Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Laying the groundwork for elementary school

Waldorf education — and Pine Hill is no exception — places enormous importance on the kindergarten years. They build the very foundations on which later learning takes place. But they are not the time for the academic learning itself. Instead, the Pine Hill kindergartens provide children with a place to develop the neural pathways that promote ready learning in the years to come.

Compared to conventional education, Waldorf schools introduce writing instruction a little later and math a little sooner. We think you'll find the reasoning very interesting. To learn more, visit our frequently asked questions, consult your teacher, or contact us.

Environments and activities

Pine Hill has two kindergarten classrooms to serve multi-age groups of children from age 3 to 6. Each evokes a world of harmony and beauty — important qualities for inhabitants as sensitive to their environments as young children are.

Group activities include cooking, sewing, cleaning, woodworking, bread baking, gardening, singing games and finger plays. The days include plenty of walks and outdoor play times to cultivate a sense of wonder and love of nature.

We offer half-day and full-day options. Contact us for details.