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Alumni Chairs

Charlie & Anna Khoury

"Pine Hill was such an important part of our lives while our children were there. We are very grateful for all it gave to them."

2011-12 Honorary Chairs

Mary and Steve McDonough

"The Annual Giving Campaign is pivotal to now—it enables us to maintain the integrity of our current programs, while we expand into a healthy future."

Alumni Chairs

The Roitman Family

David and Susan Roitman

"One way to see clearly what’s in front of us is to ask, 'What if it weren’t here?' What if there was no Pine Hill Waldorf School?"
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"I know that it was in my years at Pine Hill that I developed a love for the subjects I have pursued most deeply in my life and career." Read more from Jonathan....

2012-13 annual campaign

Dear Pine Hill Friends, Families and Alumni,

When we first discovered Waldorf education, we were invited to join a small group of parents in San Diego who wanted to start a school because there was no Waldorf school in the area. During that time we attended many talks about Waldorf education, and we were so enthusiastic that we resolved to move our family to a place where they could experience this type of education now! We had children ranging in age from 2 ½ to 14 ½, so we needed a place that had 12 years of Waldorf education in one location. After several years of searching and planning, we found Pine Hill Waldorf School, a school with an excellent reputation, a high school across the street, and located in a lovely and natural environment.

When we first walked up to the front door of Pine Hill for interviews, we could see and feel all the love and effort so many families had put into creating this beautiful building in such a peaceful woodland hilltop setting. The classrooms were alive with color and light, and as we became more involved we experienced the joys of seeing our children grow and thrive in their classes. They learned to use the spoken word with confidence, from a first grade play to an 8th grade production! The beauty, truth and goodness that infused their classroom work in all areas of study, made it both alive and nurturing for them. Pine Hill was such an important part of our lives while our children were there. We are very grateful for all it gave to them.

We are delighted to say that we see the effect of our children’s Pine Hill education today, in the networking of their friends worldwide, as they step out into life with confidence, fullness, and a continued eye for truth and beauty. Seeing this gives us hope for the future of the world! We cannot imagine what their lives, or ours, would have been like without this experience. They know they received a special gift, and we parents have also received many benefits by being part of this community for 20 years. If we as parents and grandparents and alumni can continue to give now to the annual fund, Pine Hill will live into the future and this will benefit not only the school, but enrich all our lives through our children and grandchildren in ways we cannot comprehend.


Charlie & Anna Khoury
Parents of Sarah (Pine Hill Class of 1990), Ben (Pine Hill Class of 1996), Caitlin (Pine Hill Class of 2000) and Jenny (HMS Class of 1992). All are graduates of High Mowing School.