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2011-12 Honorary Chairs

Mary and Steve McDonough

"The Annual Giving Campaign is pivotal to now—it enables us to maintain the integrity of our current programs, while we expand into a healthy future." Read more from Mary and Steve....

Alumni Chairs

The Roitman Family

David and Susan Roitman

"One way to see clearly what’s in front of us is to ask, 'What if it weren’t here?' What if there was no Pine Hill Waldorf School?"
Read more from David and Susan....

"I know that it was in my years at Pine Hill that I developed a love for the subjects I have pursued most deeply in my life and career."


Jonathon graduated from McGill University in 2007 with a BA in French translation and literature. He then attended Montreal’s well-known National Circus School, graduating in 2010. He is currently touring the world with the Canadian company Cirque Éloize, in the show Rain - Comme une pluie dans tes yeux. 

Pine Hill 2011-12 annual campaign

Dear Fellow Alumni,

jonathan jugglingAt what point in life do we first discover who we are? When do our personalities and passions first begin to settle and define the rest of our lives? Certainly the early years of school play a pivotal part in this process of self-discovery and becoming. For us, these years were spent at Pine Hill. This is where our feet took the first steps on the journey to where we are today. Personally, I know that it was in my years at Pine Hill that I developed a love for the subjects I have pursued most deeply in my life and career. I am grateful to have had such a rich and caring beginning to my education. I feel that many of my fellow alumni are grateful also, and in recognition of what Pine Hill has given us, I am asking you to join me in contributing to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign.

It is not simply a love of learning or a passion for specific subjects that we acquired at Pine Hill, but also a set of values, a way of seeing the world and of working in it. There are many things that made my time at Pine Hill special to me: a sense of tradition, the freedom to explore and play in the wonder-inspiring forests of New Hampshire, and the presence of a strong and tightly knit community, to name a few. These values of tradition, community, and family are increasingly important in a world where culture and identity are becoming more and more relative, and it is sometimes hard to know where we belong. In today’s society I am often confronted with this sense of being lost, and these values and memories help me find my feet.

Jonathan Roitman headstandSince my graduation from High Mowing, I have spent a part of each summer teaching at the Silver Lining Circus Camp, and this has given me the opportunity to meet and work with many generations of Pine Hill students and watch them grow. This fall I have also had the chance to teach a few Circus Arts workshops at Pine Hill. After all the time I have been away studying and traveling, after everything that has happened to me, it is an amazing experience to come back and see how many things are still the same. I can find in the faces of the current students resemblances and hints of myself and my classmates, of our shared experiences, our old joys and cares. One of the qualities I notice most in the students at Pine Hill is their innocence, their delight and trust in the world. Thinking of the alumni I have watched grow up and find their place in life, I can perceive a common thread of social responsibility, creativity and a commitment to making their lives and the lives of those around them into rich and worthwhile stories.

I am reminded of a poster that now hangs in the office, with a print and a quote by Brian Andreas: “I hope it will be said we taught them to stand tall and proud, even in the face of history, and the future was made new and whole for us all, one child at a time.” I think this puts it rather well. This is a good place, where people are doing, and learning to do, good work.

In today’s world, there are many needs to be filled, many causes that draw our sympathy, many wrongs to be righted and problems to be solved. The times can be hard, and resources few. And yet today supporting the continued existence of such a place and such work is especially important, and has a particular meaning to us. Without Pine Hill, would any of us be where we are today? Perhaps, perhaps not. I for one would not, and I will always be grateful for what I learned at Pine Hill, the inspiration I was given and the experiences that helped shape my life. I am lucky to have had this education, and I feel the need to give something back. Maintaining a private school is not easy, especially in such a time of financial difficulty, and I know that the school relies on our support to be able to continue offering current and future students the same life changing experience it gave to us. In light of all this, I give you my best wishes for the coming year and encourage you to join me in supporting Pine Hill’s Annual Giving Campaign.

Jonathon Roitman
(Class of 1999)