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Music at the Holiday Fair

We warmly welcome all our musicians, both old and new, to the Holiday Fair this year and invite you to stop in to the Auditorium and the Sugar Plum Café for some fabulous music.  

Friday Night

On Friday night we have

  • a swinging “boy” band featuring Ramsay Thomas, Bruce Darby, Lincoln Geiger, Doug Frankenberger,
  • followed by animated performances by the Ukulele Revolution of Milford (  
  • Our final Friday night Auditorium guest is Amy Conley whose  heart-warming music needs no further introduction.  

The Sugar Plum Café on Friday night will feature our talented current and past Pine Hill children:  

  • Emme Jasnowski and Isabel Carbery will play violin and flute at 6:30pm and
  • Naylani and Gabriel Halpern-Wight will perform at 7:30pm.  

Our final offering at the Sugar Plum is the wonderfully lively combination of Bruce Darby, and Crystal and Mike Junkins playing a multitude of instruments.  

And special thanks to Allison Jiminez from High Mowing for gracing our lobby with her wonderful singing voice.


Our outstanding Saturday lineup begins with

  • Gene Faxon and Aurora Crane Pearson in the Auditorium
  • followed by our very own Halpern-Wight family quartet.  

Waffle in hand, you could then sit on the auditorium steps and enjoy

  • Enid Ames’ wonderful singing voice at noon.  
  • Enid will be followed by 2 hours of delightful classical music performed by Kevin Chen, Yasmin Myers and Stacie Lin.  A special thank you to Crystal Junkins for accompanying Stacie Lin on the piano as Stacie performs the first movement of the spectacular Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.  
  • Our final Auditorium performance will feature the High Mowing School A Capella Group.  

In the Sugar Plum Cafe, we have

  • Rebecca Carle will kick off the festivities in the Sugar Plum Café at 10am 
  • and she will be followed by another talented High Mowing student Clelie Fielding who will perform at 1pm.  
  • If you are in the mood for some rollicking Holiday sing-a-long music, please stop by the Sugar Plum Café at 2pm to listen to Kate and Jim McClure and Amy Conley.  
  • And last, but certainly not least, Derek Simbel will regale us with guitar and vocals at 3pm as the last of the goodies are consumed.