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Full-day Kindergarten


  • extends day to 2:45 p.m.
  • rest time after lunch
  • outside play
  • available for 2-5 days a week

General Policy

Enrollment Agreement


Make a day of it

Children who stay for the afternoon start with lunch brought from home. The teacher supervises an orderly meal and clean-up. After lunch, children make nests in which to rest while the teacher sings or reads to them. When the children rise, they may drink tea or have a quiet activity. Then, weather permitting, it's time for outdoor play and a renewal of the expansion-contraction rhythms of the day. Our full-day early childhood program follows the same philosophy as the morning program, but recognizes the different energies and rhythms of that time of day. It's slower. The focus is on allowing the children to digest the busy morning.

The full-day early childhood program is an extension of the school day for Kindergarten children. We ask that children enroll in the program for at least two days a week; otherwise, attendance isn't consistent enough for the children to feel at home. The full-day early childhood program meets daily from noon to 2:45 p.m. For additional details, please see General Policy and Enrollment Agreement. And feel free to contact us to discuss individual concerns.

Kindergarten AfterCare

Children enrolled in Kindergarten will be able to attend AfterCare in the Children's Village. The cost is $16 per afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and $30 for Thursday when school dismisss at 1:00pm. To register, please complete the Kindergarten AfterCare Registration Form.