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Children's Village at Pine Hill programs

For the first time ever, our full Early Childhood program will be in one location!

Children's Village

After several years of planning, we are excited to announce that Pine Hill Nursery and Kindergarten classes have moved!  You can find them down the Pine Hill driveway in The Children's Village at Pine Hill. There the teachers will greet the children in spaces designed specifically for them and welcome them into days filled with imaginative play, joyful work, new friendships and fun-filled activities based on Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Please stay tuned to learn how you can help us celebrate and bless our new Children's Village.

Community programs

Our community has a wealth of knowledge to share, and now we will have a beautiful and inspiring building in which to gather and learn! We will offer a wide variety of programs covering all areas of parenting and family life. Topics and conversations will include holistic parenting, mother-infant yoga, Waldorf early childhood music classes, sustainable food skills such as canning and gardening, alternative birthing practices offered by doulas and mid-wives, and much more! Come see our list of Classes for the Community!

Parent and Child classes

We've offered parent and child classes, also known as Children's Garden, at Pine Hill for many years. Now we will have a dedicated space for classes and an opportunity to offer them at a wide variety of times during the day and week! Our much-loved teachers will meet with more parents and children, continuing the support and education for young families that we have become known for in our community. The new classroom, designed specifically for babies and toddlers, will provide new opportunities for play and exploration.