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Louis Bullard (2008 to present) – Grade One

Louis grew up in Chicago. His undergraduate degree is in marine biology from the University of Tampa. Upon graduation, he had a long career as a chemist in a variety of industries. Returning to Chicago to run the family business, he met his wife, Helen, and discovered Waldorf education. He received his M.Ed. and Waldorf certification from Antioch University New England’s graduate school. He has worked in Waldorf schools in the Detroit area and in Arizona. Before joining Pine Hill’s faculty, Louis was the assistant- and on-site director of Camp Glen Brook, a Waldorf school–owned summer camp and visiting student program, where he led the outdoor education program.

Lauryn Morley  (2013 to present) – Grade Two

Lauryn worked as an intern in the third grade for the second semester of the past school year.  During her time in the third grade, Lauryn impressed faculty, parents and students with her excellent teaching and love for the children of Pine Hill.  Lauryn has lived and worked in Canada and New York.  She has worked in coordinating programs for young people and in biodynamic agriculture.  It was through her work farming that she discovered her passion for teaching. She will bring her M.Ed. in Waldorf Education from Antioch University. 

Julia Kerr (2014 to present) – Grade Three

Julia holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Goucher College and has completed her Foundation Studies. Having long worked as a camp administrator and counselor, Julia found her way into Waldorf Education through her own children, who attended the Waldorf School of Princeton.  Julia spent 17 years there as a parent, administrative assistant, assistant teacher, substitute teacher, handwork and math teacher and, lastly, as a class teacher.  She taught grades one through four at Princeton, then moved to New Hampshire, where she took a class from fourth through eighth grade at Monadnock Waldorf School. While there, Julia also led the high school a cappella ensemble, and she conducted several adult choirs and choruses prior to teaching.  Her three sons all attended the Waldorf School of Princeton through grade eight, and her youngest son is a recent graduate of the Monadnock Waldorf High School's class of 2014. Julia's husband, Danny, is a summer camp director and lives with her in Keene.  Julia enjoys sharing the wonders of the Waldorf curriculum, singing, and being outdoors with her students.

Bruce Darby (2011 to present) – Grade Four

Bruce grew up playing in the desert in Phoenix, Arizona. He has a BA in Music History from the University of Arizona, in Tucson, a state teaching credential from Dominican University, Marin, California and Waldorf certification from Antioch University, Keene, New Hampshire. Before settling into a career as a Waldorf teacher he composed music for a variety of media: dance, film, video, art installations and performance in New York City, Montreal and San Francisco. In 1991 he received a National Endowment for the Arts to produce Trigram, a robotic opera. Prior to Pine Hill, Bruce worked for eleven years at Stone Bridge School, a Waldorf methods charter school in Napa, California, as the aftercare director, class teacher, upper grades science teacher, and games teacher throughout the grades. 

Jen Kershaw (2011 to present) – Grade Five

Jen has a B.A. in Theater from the University of South Florida and a Masters of Science in Education from Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. In the theater world, Jen performed and acted with Metro Theater Company from St. Louis, Missouri, performing and teaching workshops to young people across America. A Wheelock graduate of the Teaching Students with Special Needs Program, Jen began her teaching in residential programs with at risk special needs adolescents. It was there that she fell in love with mathematics and made it her mission to become an innovative, creative math teacher. She received an Excellence in Education Award in 1999 for mathematics and has nine years of classroom teaching experience, six of which are in the area of middle school mathematics. For the past two years, Jen has been working as a freelance curriculum writer and specialist, designing and publishing math curriculum for students and teachers. After becoming a parent, Jen found and fell in love with Waldorf Education and discovered a new path, which led her to the Waldorf Certificate Program at Antioch University New England. Her son and daughter attend Pine Hill.

Christine Cassagnau (2013 to present) – Grade Six

Christine began teaching in West Africa, developing curriculum and teaching Environmental Education in French and Bambara to elementary-aged children in government and community schools.  After returning to the U.S., she served as an itinerant art teacher (Art on a Cart) in several suburban D.C. area public schools for three years.  Her interest evolved to a more wholesome, art-focused /heart-based class teaching and she pursued Waldorf Teacher Training in Eugene, Oregon. During her training, she substituted and held part-time roles at French immersion schools in Eugene.  After completing her training, Christine took on a first grade class in Ashland, Oregon where she was a class teacher and arts and crafts teacher at The Siskiyou School. She then returned to NY to further her explorations in the arts. In Harlemville, she studied color theory, painting and puppetry in the Free Columbia art course while also working with classes at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School ranging from first grade to high school.  

Catlin Kennedy (2007 to present) – Grade Seven

Catlin attended the University of Montana in Missoula where she studied fine arts for three years with a specialization in ceramic sculpture. She worked as a graphic artist and on her hobby and second love, painting. She transferred to Oregon State University in Corvallis where she studied for another four years to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture. It was here that she discovered Anthroposophy and Biodynamic agriculture as she and her husband, Andrew, who himself attended the Garden City Waldorf School in New York, applied the principles of Biodynamic agriculture in their start-up farm venture. Catlin began assisting and then teaching in a Waldorf kindergarten in Bar Harbor, Maine, and she also worked as a lifeguard, swim teacher, and Special Olympics swim coach. In 2005, Catlin moved to New Hampshire to attend Antioch’s graduate studies program in Waldorf teacher training. She interned at Pine Hill Waldorf School and earned her Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Waldorf Education in 2006. Catlin is a sports enthusiast, enjoying long distance running, swimming, soccer and bicycling. Catlin has worked in many capacities at Pine Hill including kindergarten assistant, reading tutor, first grade assistant, and substitute teacher until taking the first grade class in 2008. A former marathon runner and triathlete, Catlin is known for her love of long distance running and the outdoors. She also enjoys gardening, long walks, camping, swimming, hiking, bicycling, soccer, ultimate frisbee and juggling. She has two children, one in high school at High Mowing School, and one who attends Pine Hill.  

Carmen DiPietrantonio (2006 to present) – Grade Eight

Carmen grew up in Germany. She studied Business, Communications and Psychology at Bay State College in Boston and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts while working in International Business. In 2005 she received a degree in Elementary Waldorf Education from Antioch University New England. Before coming to Pine Hill, Carmen taught German at our sister high school, High Mowing. She became a full-time German teacher at Pine Hill in 2006. She became a class teacher in 2014, and continues to maintain Pine Hill's German program for grades 1-8.