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Holiday Fair 2016 Artisan Application

Application calendar

June 15th - Artisan Applications posted

Get application form here.

July 1st  - Artisan review begins

July-August -  Artisans are notified of placement

September 1st - Contracts and fees from accepted artisans due

Submissions after September 30th will automatically be added to the Waitlist


Pine Hill's Holiday Fair takes place on the first weekend in December (Friday, December 2 & Saturday, December 3). We offer the community a festive and enjoyable fair, complete with live music, creative children’s activities, music, a scrumptious lunch and snacks, and with your help, exceptional artisan wares!

If you would like to be considered for the fair, please complete the application form and:
  • Return it with a description of your work and two photos. We will accept applications in either paper or .pdf format.
  • If you submit a paper application, and would like your photos returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Include your e-mail and website address, if you have one, as we have moved to electronic communication. We would like to highlight our vendors on our website for promotional purposes. Please state on your application form if we can put your contact information and a link to your site on our event website.
Please return the paper application and photos to:
Holiday Fair Artisan Committee
Pine Hill Waldorf School
77 Pine Hill Drive
Wilton, NH 03086
or return the digital application to
Applications must be postmarked or date-stamped prior to September 30th for consideration, but will be reviewed on a rolling basis as received, with a maximum number of artisans accepted within each category to prevent oversaturation of a single type of item (soaps, jewelry, etc.)
Booth space sizes vary due to the irregular shape of our rooms; most spaces are 8x8 or smaller. Exhibitors will need to supply their own tables, chairs and display pieces. Only a limited number of spaces can be supplied with electricity, and wattage will be limited (please bring your own heavy duty extension cord). Please be specific about your needs on your application form, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Flat fee structure (No commission)
  • Friday night only = $60
  • Saturday only = $70
  • Friday & Saturday General Space = $100
  • Friday & Saturday General Space = $110
  • Friday & Saturday Premium Space (Auditorium back wall, Electricity included)* = $120
Electricity is strictly limited to 300 watts. No halogen bulbs allowed.
*Please specify preferred day(s) and type of space requested in your application notes.



Specific feedback about your previous location(s) and experience is valuable. The Committee consists of new parents every year, so the person you spoke to may not be able to convey previous years’ knowledge during the selection process unless you share it. We value your thoughts and information, and hope that we will have a productive and positive relationship!
Decisions on acceptance of applications will be made by our Holiday Fair Artisan Committee. Please note that we cannot accept all of our previous vendors every year. We know our attendees appreciate seeing old favorites and delight in finding something new, so we strive for a good mix of previous vendors and new faces. If you have exhibited with us previously, we would love to hear from you about your experience. Please take a moment to share your feedback.
We will notify you of the committee’s decision in the beginning of June, and if you are accepted, we will contact you and ask that you submit booth fees at that time, to be due no later than July 1st. Please do not submit payment with your application. More detailed information packets and booth locations will be sent out in mid-November.
With so many creative and talented vendors, this year's fair should be a wonderful event. Please join us to see what we are about. We are grateful to all who have made our fair so successful in previous years, and look forward to a successful and enjoyable fair in 2016! If you have any questions, please contact our Artisan Coordinator, Adam Dubois, at or call Pine Hill and leave a message for him at (603) 654-6003. We look forward to hearing from you!