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How to apply

We'd love to have your child join our school! To apply, download and complete an application:

There's still time to apply for Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades 1-8! Email your completed applications to or mail in a hard copy to:

Pine Hill Waldorf School
ATTN: Admissions
77 Pine Hill Drive
Wilton, NH  03086

Many families have additional questions or would like to tour the campus before applying. Please contact our admissions office to learn more about Pine Hill or to schedule a tour. Email or call 603-654-6003 x308.

Application Process

1.  Ask your child's previous school, if applicable, to send his or her records to Pine Hill using our records request form.

2.  Complete and submit the appropriate application, together with the application fee:

3.  Meet with us to arrange for the following:

  • An interview with our enrollment director, which allows an in-depth discussion of the school’s program and your child’s educational background.
  • A class visit for grade students, followed by a meeting with the enrollment director, the class teacher, and parents. (The class visit is typically for 3 consecutive days, to allow the child to become comfortable and to allow the class teacher and subject teachers a chance to get to know the child.)
  • A visit with an early childhood teacher for nursery or kindergarten children and parents.

4.  After the above steps are complete, your application is brought before our College of Teachers. Our College of Teachers, which consists of representatives of our full-time faculty, reviews all applications to ensure that the school as a whole can meet the child's needs.

5.  Upon receiving a letter of acceptance and an enrollment agreement, you will be asked to sign the agreement and return it to the school with a non-refundable enrollment fee and tuition deposit. After the school receives your agreement, fee and deposit, a place will be held for your child.

Note: Parents, with or without their children, may arrange for a visit and tour of the school prior to submitting an application. It is possible for parents to visit classes during regularly scheduled visitors days or special arrangements may be made if needed. Please contact us for further information.