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Michael Ames

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Daniel Weeks

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Nancy and Patrick Gillam

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2010-11 Campaign

Dear Friends of Pine Hill,

Greetings! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall season.

This past year, as a new board member, I have a renewed appreciation for the tremendous amount of support our parent body offers to the school. Almost every evening that I have been at Pine Hill for a board or committee meeting, I have seen parents share their expertise in finance, outreach, enrollment, and countless other areas. This has been especially inspiring since I have known some of these parents for years and yet not been aware of their contributions!

I am writing today to ask you to support Pine Hill financially through participation in our Annual Giving Campaign. The Annual Campaign is a vital part of the yearly fundraising effort to close the gap of about 15% between tuition revenue and expenses. (Tuition at Pine Hill – and most independent schools – does not cover the full costs of educating our children.)

Our goal for the Annual Fund this year is straightforward – to raise a minimum of $121,000 with 100% participation. We can meet this goal with an average contribution of $864 per family (140
families x $864, or $108 per month till fiscal year’s end in June). Of course we understand that some can give more, some less.

Again this year, Pine Hill has been running very leanly. Staff reductions have led to increased workloads, and our faculty and staff are living with reduced benefits. Yet the fact that so many families have chosen our school attests to the strength of our programs and faculty, and our vision for the future.

Last week, I received a call from my daughter Zoe, a sophomore at Bard College. She had just finished the first day of a new job tutoring freshman in writing. I have never heard her more excited and enthusiastic! As I contemplated her call I realized that it was just six years ago that she graduated from Pine Hill. I truly believe that her experience at Pine Hill, where her curiosity and creativity were so carefully nurtured, made it possible for her to be so fulfilled today.

Please join me in giving to the Annual Fund as generously as you can. Your gift – of any size – makes the difference.

With gratitude,

Michael Ames
Board Member
Parent of Zoe ’05, Loren ’13, and Wynn ’15